Writing protectors that are tattooed and tender or oh so f*ckable assassins… there’s something here for everyone. 

LC and Dori will leave your heart fluttering and your e-reader on fire with their addictive characters. 


Releasing 8/9/22


Fire burns dangerously hot… but it’s not always the flames that get you.


My luck has to be the worst in the world.

I don’t do things without careful thought,  and one night of temptation isn’t a problem for most people. Of course MY one  night stand winds up being the one person who’s completely off limits.


 She’s not going to let this burning desire between us derail her plan, but I can’t seem to walk away.  Its going to take drastic measures for me to prove she can have everything—and everything includes me.  I might be playing with fire, but for her it’s worth the risk.

Two desires will square off… but only one will withstand the heat.

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