Anastasi Family syndicate

Family. Loyalty. Power. 

The Anastasi’s stop at nothing to get what they want… even if it means getting their hands dirty.

They fight hard and f**k even harder. 

There is nothing more powerful than an Anastasi in love…

I was molded to take over the family… but before I can take the throne, I need a queen.


I’m next in line to become the Don of one of the longest-running crime families in Las Vegas. My job was simple. Run Discoteca, the best hot spot in Vegas, and keep my brothers in line while my dad returned to Italy on a family matter.

Then she walked through the door, and that bolt of lightning shocked the hell out of me. Madison was everything I never knew I needed, but someone’s trying to use her against me. 

Now, my only focus is keeping her safe and teaching those trying to hurt my family a lesson.

I only hope that when she finds out who I am, she won’t walk away forever.

I’ll unleash the demons I’ve kept buried to save her… even if it means losing myself to do so.

I was the person they called to take care of problems, a legend among hitmen. I’ve spent the last few years trying to suppress the killer inside, desperate to find a different side of myself.

But Dimitri Ivanov ripped open Pandora’s Box and I’m not sure it’ll ever close again. I was ready to unleash my inner demons once more, letting the old me take over… until her.


Dimitri might have freed the murderous man I am, but I’ll do everything I can to battle my own darkness and be the man she thinks I can be.

My only hope is that her love can withstand the truth of what I’ve done.

They might be my biggest undoing… but not even the devil himself will stop me from claiming what’s mine.


It was supposed to be a simple job. Infiltrate and gather information. But I wasn’t expecting her. Riley is everything I should stay away from, but can’t. A job that was supposed to make her look bad has me tangled in knots I can’t explain. And if wanting her wasn’t enough, there’s him—Michael.

He is everything I need but can’t have. When Riley receives death threats related to our case, she’s forced into relying on us. We will have to push aside the burning desire we feel for one another and find out how to end the nightmare threatening our very existence. 

Or my family will lose everything.

Losing isn’t an option, but I’d risk it all for them… even if it means death.

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions… in my case they’re deadly.

I tried to walk away from my family—from my name and all the carnage that was my birthright. My dream of freedom, unbound by our past, ended up being more lethal than I imagined. I swore hell would freeze over before asking them for anything again.

But the snow is falling and I’m out of options… except for one.

I’m going to need help from the one man I swore I would never ask for anything—my brother’s head of security. Calling him might save me from a fate worse than death.

The stairway to heaven runs right through hell… and into the arms of the darkest soul I know.

Savage Hearts

When he saved my life, I didn’t expect him to steal my heart… not the cost of surviving is is more than I can pay.


I let my guard down and fell into the arms of the devil. He’s everything my brothers warned me about—and I can’t help but want him even after what he’s done.

What started as revenge on my family turned into something that broke me in ways I didn’t think possible.  Left to pick up the carnage heart he stole from me, I drift lost and alone.


Just when I start to put the past behind me, a shocking revelation forces me to my knees. With danger threatening to take away the only connection to him I have, I’ll do whatever I can to protect what’s mine. 

I might have given a piece of me to the devil… but what he left behind will turn my heart savage.  

Fractured Lies

The lie I told was meant to protect me… instead it left my heart fractured in two. 


I loved him before I should have, and when he finally gave me the time of day—my heart was left in tattered ruins. 


I want to do is wallow in my heartache, but all hell breaks loose and the family is faced with an new threat.  To prevent me from being targeted, I’m saddled with my own personal protection.


Only I don’t think my brother knew his protection extended to my heart. To bad my heart still longs for a man who doesn’t want me. 


Torn between two, one moment will force a decision… a decision that will leave me fractured no matter what.