the winston brothers

Born into a world filled with darkness, the Winston Brothers learned at an early age emotion makes things messy.

Having only each other to rely on, Drake, Gage, and Roland shielded themselves from the one thing that could ruin them—love.

They fight hard and f**k harder.

Sometimes they get their hands dirty to get what they want.

The Winston brothers only have one rule—let no one in.

It’s a rule they’ve never broken.

Until now…


Bad Union

I’ll win your freedom… but I’m going to own you in return.


I’ve seen violence and heartbreak my whole life. Some say I have no heart. That I’m cold, calculating, and ruthless. Maybe that’s true, but it’s helped me become the divorce attorney men fear. My clients all say the same thing… I’m a dick. But I don’t have to win their friendship to ensure they’re set up for life—even if it means being a prick in and out of court.


I’ve closed myself off from all outside attachments, feeding my need for control in a more carnal way. I’ve learned feelings make things messy and steer clear of getting involved with anyone. Until she walked into my office, needing my help.


I’ve seen her kind before. Sweet, innocent, and completely unprepared for the asshole they married to turn on them. She wants me to be a shark, but I don’t think she realizes how far I’ll go to win. Because this time it’s different. This time I’ve found something I want.


I’ll break every rule there is for her freedom. Only this time, the payment is her—body and soul.

bad diagnosis

I might be known for having the best hands in surgery, but when it comes to matters of the heart… I’m a dead shot.

We endured years of abuse at the hands of my father—until I snapped. The moment I pulled the trigger, freeing my brothers and me from his wrath, my heart turned to stone.

Desperate to atone for the sins of my father, I became a doctor. With my brother Drake’s help, and his company Angel’s Wings, we’ve helped hundreds of women escape abusive relationships. It’s my way of saving them… since I couldn’t protect my own mother.

Over the years, I’ve seen my share of bad cases come through the ER, but one will have me risking my career. And when danger rears its ugly head, threatening to take what’s mine, being a doctor isn’t the only thing I’ll put on the line.

I’ve sworn an oath to protect life… but with my heart at stake, I’ll take one if it means saving hers.

bad rhythm

They thought I was too young to remember, but I remember everything. The screaming, the abuse… the murder—all of it.

My brother Drake tried to shield me with music, which made me the man I am today. The songs, lyrics, and beat of the instruments shielded me from the turmoil inside our home, giving me hope for a brighter tomorrow. But the music only does so much.

There’s a darkness inside me that is burning to get out, and I’m slowly losing the battle. Late nights, drinking, and women fuel the fire and give the tabloids plenty to talk about. Which is why she’s here. My new public relations manager, Bella.

She’s supposed to clean up my image and turn me into the model celebrity. Too bad old habits die hard and I make the biggest mistake ever. A mistake that sends her running for the hills. I don’t know what she’s hiding, but I’ll do whatever I can to bring her back—even if it means showing her the real me, demons and all.

Because no matter what scars I carry inside… they don’t compare to the one she left behind.

bad blows

I thought the ring prepared me for anything until she landed a devastating blow, one I never saw coming.


They call me Saint even though I deliver nothing but sin and pain. My world is nothing but darkness, bloody fights, and screams of the crowd. There’s no time for a silly thing called love in my world of chaos.


The women I go for are the ones who don’t ask for love, they just want one night and a ride on the wild side. Until Little Miss Uptight, with her perfect blonde hair and pencil skirt, struts in with news that leaves me reeling.


Ms. Prim and Proper might have gotten in the first jab, but I’ll have her on the ropes—and her knees soon enough.