Hearts on fire

Everyone deserves a second chance at happiness… And what they’ll find when they take a risk, is a love that will burn deeper than anything they could’ve imagined.

They might have had real love once…but a second chance at love will set their hearts on fire. 

Just Dick

I’m not the man you deserve… but tonight I’ll be the man you want.   


He lost the love of his life in a tragic turn of events and swore off love forever.


Forced to attend a last-minute function for work, Richard learns even the nickname ‘dîck’ his reputation has  earned him, doesn’t always keep him safe. 


Not when he finally meets his match. Richard wasn’t prepared for the handsome stranger to ignite the parts of himself he thought he’d buried. 


One night… half truths and a shocking twist will lead to second chances neither saw coming. 


Only available in My Name is Whatever You Want It To Be Anthology coming April 2023



Laying Pipe

Don’t be afraid of the risk of love… you just might learn you could of had it all along.


Atlas is in love with his bestfriend and roommate, Jameson. To bad he won’t risk their friendship no matter how bad he wants the man. He’s come to accept the only Jameson he’ll ever have is the amber liquid he uses to bury his unrequited feelings… not to mention the meaningless hook-ups he uses to mask his desire for the man he can’t have.

When a one-night stand goes wrong and leaves him cuffed to his bed… being busted by his bestfriend might not be as bad as he thinks.


Who knew a pair of handcuffs, a bad date, and the compromising position his one-night stand left him in would leave him with the one man he wants forever with.


Only available in Sprung & Done Anthology coming June 2023



Cocky Cowboy

Coming in 2023 & 2024