Heroes with Heat & Heart Volume Two


Carina Alyce ⭐ LC Taylor⭐ EmKay Connor ⭐ Lolo Paige  Karigan Hale

Desiree Holt  CB Samet  Heather Scarlett  Andi MacDowall 

CARINA ALYCE is a full-time practicing physician who moonlights as a steamy romance writer and mother of six. Her MetroGen Downtown series is described as Grey’s Anatomy + Chicago Fire + Steam + Actual medicine. She joined the anthology because she worked for years in the ER side-by-side with many firefighters and EMTS.





LC TAYLOR is an International and USA Today Bestselling Author who is a down home southern girl who bleeds red white and blue. She writes her men cut, tattooed and tender, for their down, but-not-out ladies, who just need a little love from the right man. As a former police officer and married to one, she has a huge respect for those in uniform—our first responders and our wildland firefighters.





LOLO PAIGE is an Award-winning Author who lives in Alaska and writes full-time. Her Blazing Hearts Wildfire Series are action-adventure, romantic suspense stories set in the dangerous and exciting world of Wildland Firefighting, loosely based off her personal experiences as a Wildland Firefighter in Montana, California and Alaska. She joined the anthology because she supports all firefighters who put their lives on the line daily.





EMKAY CONNOR is the Author of Contemporary Romantic Fiction infused with quirky humor and engaging characters. Her bright and breezy romances are set in small towns, tropical locations, and glamorous locations where here heroes and heroines discover passion and fall in love. As a former wife who lived on a military base in Washington D.C. during the 9/11 attacks and aftermath, she believes in honoring those who serve and sacrifice for the USA.





KARIGAN HALE is a wife, mother, high school teacher, and photographer who is highly allergic to poison ivy and early mornings. She is highly addicted to fountain sodas and true crime. She writes steamy, slow-burn romantic comedies fill of sarcastic females and the hot males trying to keep up with them. She chose to participate int he anthology to honor the amazing first responders that were not only heroes during the attacks on September 11th, but also during the recent pandemic.





DESIREE HOLT is the USA Today bestselling and award-winning author who has published more than 250 titles across multiple genres including military romantic suspense, contemporary, western, sports, paranormal, and is hailed as the world’s oldest writer of erotic romance. Readers adore her steamy, action-packed storytelling, honorable alpha heroes, and everyday heroines who find strength in risking it all for love.




CB SAMET is a four-time award winning author in thriller, romantic suspense, and fantasy. She grew up reading Tom Clancy, Michael Crichton, and the Bourne books. She writes seeking to create that level of action and intrigue but with female heroines. CB loves the quote, ‘She needed a hero. So she became one.’ Her novels have empowered women overcoming powerful obstacles and the strong men who support them.





HEATHER SCARLETT lives on the East Coast, though her heart is in Montana where she lived for six wonderful years. She loves big sky, wide open spaces, and cowboys. Heather writes smart and sexy romance that is equal parts sweet and emotionally satisfying. Her heroines are strong and sassy and her heroes are rugged and capable. Heather’s stories are family focused and relationship driven.





ANDI MACDOWALL has always been passionate about writing and storytelling. Her stories trend toward the darker side of romance. She describes herself as a curious author who loves exploring different themes and motifs. As part of her writing process, she loves immersing herself in their projects—diving headfirst into the research. She often refers to herself as a method author, similar to how actors prepare for their roles.