If you love watching 9-1-1 but crave the small-town feel of Virgin River... then Crossroads Heroes, a Small Town Protector Romance Series filled with second chances and packed with suspense, is your perfect steamy escape.

The sultry Alabama heat brings broken heroes who've traded their dog tags for badges, straight into the arms of women who will burn with them. 

Heroes Heart

I’ve failed the one woman who saved my soul… now I’ll risk Hell to get her back.

I’ve lived in a haze since losing my wife… then I met Lorelei. She gave me her heart, only for me to break my promises to her. Now she’s missing, hidden by secrets she never shared.

But I don’t care—whatever the price, I’ll pay it to bring her back.



Heroes Truth

The truth, no matter how broken… may be the only thing that sets them both free.

I’ve seen and done things that still haunt my dreams. I don’t deserve a normal life—I don’t deserve her.

When I walked away, I destroyed us, fracturing any hope of a future.

But when her past rears its ugly head, I’ll do whatever I can to help her, even if it means telling her mine.

Because a life without her in it… isn’t a life at all.

broken relay

I thought I found my forever love… but like a ghost, forever vanished taking my heart with it.

When Danny disappeared without so much as a goodbye, my world collapsed.

Without answers of why, I’m determined to find him.

Nothing could prepare me for what I found. The man who was once the life of the party was a hollow shell of a man. He has some serious demons… ones I never knew existed, making me wonder if I ever knew him at all. I should cut my losses and leave him to the darkness he’s cloaked himself in… but I can’t.

Even if I don’t recognize the man with in my reach, there’s no way I’m running.

Because the one thing I can’t deny… he still owns my heart.