Stand Alone Novellas

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Caught in the riptide

Like swimming against the riptide… walking away from her was going to be impossible.

In the blink of an eye, Hudson ‘Riptide’ Ripley’s career as a Naval Aviation Rescue Swimmer was over. Becoming a civilian so soon wasn’t in his plans. Moving to St. Simons Island was supposed to be his chance at starting over. His former commander and best friend gave him a place to stay—giving him time to figure out what was next.

He wasn’t looking for complications, especially one in the form of his best friend’s much younger daughter. But the chemistry was too much to deny, and Hudson crosses a line he can’t undo. Caught between what’s right and what he wants, he’ll have to decide… fight the current that’s dragging him under or let go and risk everything. A split-second decision might have cost him his career in the Navy, but this time it’ll cost him more.

This time it’s going to cost Hudson his heart.

Yes Officer

They say good things come in twos…


Holland and Bryce Aston do everything together—including work. They’re twins who share everything in life and have a clear idea of what they want in a woman—even if it’s a little unorthodox.

When they stop a car for running a stop sign, neither expected to find what the one thing they’ve been searching for.

Can this blast from the past be the reason all their dreams come true?

One thing is for certain—this stop won’t be ending in handcuffs.

At least not the kind that lead to jail.