Hemlock Springs, Alabama might be a small town, big it's got big problems and dark secrets.
If you love Chicago P.D. but crave the small-town feel of Virgin River...
Then Lyons Tactical, a Small Town Protector Romance Series filled with second chances and packed with suspense is the perfect steamy escape! .

releasing 2-13-24

He swore he’d never cross the line with someone he was protecting… especially not for a woman who happens to be a rockstar hiding in plain sight.

Rory Maverick lives by a code—Honor, Loyalty, and Truth.

So, when his best friend calls asking him for a favor, he doesn’t hesitate.

Plus, the timing couldn’t be better. Going to Podunk, Alabama, to watch over his best friend’s little sister sounds like a cakewalk job compared to the high-maintenance celebrities he’s grown to loathe.

How hard can it be, right?

Try nearly impossible.

Kimber Storm says she just wants a peaceful summer and to get her brother’s newly inherited house ready for his return. She swears she’s just trying to return to her roots and write music that feeds her soul.

But trouble’s following her, and she’s going to need a hero.

Can he be the man she needs and stand by her when he learns the truth about who she really is?

coming 2024

Protecting his heart was a matter of self-preservation… until sheltering hers became his top priority.  


Gael Hunter has lived a life filled with death and destruction. As a former Marine, it was his job to dig up ghosts and eliminate them. Even now working in the private sector for Lyons Tactical, the American dream still isn’t for him. You know—the one with a wife, kids, and a dog isn’t for him.


But the sexy kindergarten teacher he’s been charged to protect, has him fighting against everything he swore he didn’t want. 


Sophie Reece promised herself that life would go on after her husband died. Between work and caring for her four year old daughter, her only focus has been making sure her child has everything she needs. 


When their lives are threatened, Sophie hires Lyons Tactical to protect them.  Between trying to keep her daughter safe and figure out who wants her dead, Sophie’s blindsided by the attraction she feels for her muscled protector. 


Gael knows he can’t risk falling for Sophie. But between the pint size heart thief he’s slowly coming to love and the need to protect her mother beyond what he was hired for—he’s slowly realizing he’s fighting a battle he can’t win.


It doesn’t matter though.  


If  he can’t uncover the threat against the two people who are slowly becoming the most important thing to him… everything he never knew he needed will slip through his fingers. 



coming 2024

There’s nothing he despises more than tardiness and junk food…. even if it comes in the sexy as sin package he’s there to protect.


Jaxson Storm thought coming home meant living the easy life. Even though he works for Lyons Tactical, Jaxson was sure nothing would be as hard as his time in Afghanistan. 


Enter Grace Buckner. 


She’s  five feet of sweetness that gets under his skin in ways no other woman has. When her brand new bakery is broken into not once but twice—followed by a series of threats left for her, Jaxson is assigned as her protection detail. 


Grace has genius IQ and an affinity with numbers, but when her career imploded at a big city accounting firm, she came home to start over.  Grace’s Sweet Treats was supposed to be her chance at a new life doing something she loved.


But bad luck seems to follow her and she’s in danger of losing everything before it really even begins. 


Jaxson might live by a schedule and believe sugar is the devil… but Grace is slowly unraveling his perfectly laid out routine. This tiny woman is threatening to destroy him with chocolate kisses and candy hearts the longer he’s around her. 


Finding who’s out to destroy this beautiful woman just became his top priority. 


 Because now that he’s developed a sweet tooth, Jaxson will stop at nothing to protect his baker.



coming 2024

She’s his polar opposite in every way… but when these two come together it’ll be the biggest explosion he’s ever encountered. 


Elliot Memphis suffered a life changing loss when the last bomb he was sent to contain partially exploded. He lost his leg,  his K-9 partner and lifelong career in less thank thirty seconds. Now he’s stateside working at Lyons Tactical. 


Willow Beauchamp started Whispering Willow Animal Sanctuary & Rehab Center on her family’s land after her parents died in a freak accident. With her free spirit and caring heart, she wanted to honor their love for animals. 


As dead animals start appearing at the sanctuary, she starts digging into their mysterious deaths. Her inquisition around town stirs a hornets nest , resulting in death threats and a need for personal security.


Willow is Elliot’s polar opposite—she’s flighty, stubborn, and smart as hell. She’s totally different from the no-strings attached women he used to.  Her red hair, blue eyes, and long legs are making his life hell.  Not to mention her smartass mouth he wants silence with a kiss.


But he can’t afford a distraction. Especially when his fiery redhead doesn’t listen. Her obstinance to rush head first into things without thinking, sparks a side of him he doesn’t expect.  


And ask he races to solve they mystery, one thing is for certain… this feisty woman is going to bring Elliot to his knees.


If she doesn’t get herself killed first. 



coming 2024

His job has always been to triage and treat the injuries he can fix… but it’s the wounds he can’t see that’ll have him fighting for the one thing he didn’t expect—her.

Luca Cashen came to Hemlock Springs for a fresh start in the private sector. Working as a protection specialist is cake compared to patching up teammates out in the field. 

Roslyn Maverick had her heart ripped out by her cheating fiance. Now she’s back home and spiraling out of control and constantly getting into dangerous situations . Between her brother, and his arrogant co-worker, she manages to avoid serious disaster. 

Luca thought he’d seen it all when he was in the Navy… but Rory Maverick’s sister, Roslyn, is proving him wrong. He can’t decide if he should lock her up or turn her over his knee. 

When her luck runs out and she’s at the wrong place at the wrong time, she paints a target on her back. After her apartment is ransacked, Luca offers her a place to stay. 

He should have known it was a dumb idea… 

Not only is she a walking accident—she’s sexy as hell making his body respond in ways he wish it wouldn’t.

Between her short shorts and bright pink toenails, Luca will have to fight his growing attraction to the spitfire invading his more than just his home if he wants to keep her safe. 

He might be protecting her from danger… but its not just her he’s worried about. As they spend time together he realizes it’s not just her at risk. 

This time it’s his heart in danger of being hurt.

coming 2024

He thought he’d never feel the same rush as he did when he was flying… but sometimes the spark happens in the place you least expect it.  


 Boaz Sirius will be forever grateful for Hayward Lyons giving him a chance at flying again, even if he may never get back in the cockpit. After losing his eye in a fiery crash that ended his military career, his fear of failure keeps him from trying again—even though he’s cleared to do so. 


When he’s assigned to protect a woman who witnessed a home invasion, his skills will be tested. Not just his ability to fly again, but the restraint to keep from losing more than his mind with this woman. 


Freya Hartwell loves what she does. As a home healthcare nurse, she gets to meet all walks of people. When she stumbles into the home a client during a home invasion, despite her martial arts skills, she nearly gets killed herself. 


The company she works for hires her a protection detail until they can find the man responsible. When she ditches her hot as hell body guard, she realizes pretty quickly why it was a bad idea. 


Boaz bounces between wanting to strangle Freya and taking her to bed. She’s unlike any woman he’s ever met—strong, self-dependent, and gorgeous. No matter how much he flirts, she ignores his attempts. She’s determined to avoid crossing work-client boundaries.


 When she gives him the slip and manages to get herself kidnapped, Boaz and the guys from Lyons Tactical will tear apart this tiny town searching for Freya. 


Even if it means he has to face his fear to get behind the controls and into the air to find her.


And once he does… Boaz is going to show her exactly why blurring the lines between them is a perfect idea.