Redeemed hearts collection

Trust doesn’t come easily to a bruised and broken heart.

It takes a special person in the right moment and at the right time, to bring you back from the brink.

It’s not just the passion or the pleasure, it’s learning to trust.

Find redemption in the arms of a hero and believe in love again.


Glass Heart

A folded flag is all I have left to remind me of the love I once had. With my heart shattered into two, I struggle to move forward with my life.  I wasn’t expecting to fall in love, but I did. And now a shocking secret threatens the life I finally have. I’ll be forced to choose, leaving behind the pieces of a shattered love.


(Sequel to Glass Heart)

She sparks something inside me I thought I had lost and left buried in the sand, forever. When I’m with her, the darkness doesn’t seem so dark. Can this fiery woman show me life is worth living or will I stay bound to the shadows that haunt me?

Forget Me Not

Forget me Not

Forever and Always were the last words Danny Phillips ever said to me. He promised me a future when he said he would love me forever. Danny was my everything… until he wasn’t. For ten years I’ve held onto Danny’s memory, refusing to give up the love still in my heart—until now.

Words from the Heart
Words from the heart

Delilah Greyson doesn’t know who she is anymore. When she got the call that her grandmother, Momma Belle, had died, a piece of her died too. Now, lost and broken, she finds herself back home wondering who she is.  And to top it off, Delilah’s finding the sexy as sin cop slash contractor is a distraction she doesn’t need or want.  But what Delilah doesn’t realize is that Parker is a patient man. And he’ll stop at nothing to show her she was meant for him. 

His Imperfect Mistake
His Imperfect Mistake

Meghan didn’t mean to fall for the brooding a**, but she did. She knew Hank wasn’t looking for another relationship. He was damaged and closed off to anything that resembled love. But something about him calls to her soul, but he can’t let go of his past. When mistakes happen, Hank will have to let go of his past and see that sometimes it’s the imperfect ones that lead to perfection… or risk losing it all.

(Sequel to Words from the Heart)

End of the Road

End of the Road

Amelia was forced to face all her demons when her past collides with her present, testing her in ways she never saw coming. The possibility of finding love again with a broken heart has Amelia questioning everything. She was sure this was the end of the road for her. But what if it isn’t? Because sometimes at the end of the road… a new beginning awaits you.

Hidden in Plain Sight
hidden in plain sight

Captain Madeline Taylor had a thriving career in Naval counterintelligence until she uncovered a damning piece of info in the highest ranks. Now she’s on the run and she has to ask for help from the one man who could hurt her more than the secrets she’s about to expose.

Ever since his medical discharge from the SEALs, Noah Murphy has shut the world out, living off the grid. A broken man with his faith shaken to the core, he has no room in his life or his heart for a woman. Especially the no nonsense captain he walked away from—even if she begs for a second chance.

But it’s too late because trouble can’t be far behind and Noah realizes he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her. He’ll risk anything for one taste of the love that’s been right there… hidden in plain sight.