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Dangerous Attraction

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I was molded to take over the family… but before I can take the throne, I need a queen.

I’m next in line to become the Don of one of the longest-running crime families in Las Vegas. My job was simple. Run Discoteca, the best hot spot in Vegas, and keep my brothers in line while my dad returned to Italy on a family matter.

Then she walked through the door, and that bolt of lightning shocked the hell out of me. Madison was everything I never knew I needed, but someone's trying to use her against me. Now, my only focus is keeping her safe and teaching those trying to hurt my family a lesson.

I only hope that when she finds out who I am, she won’t walk away forever.


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Who said youcan't go home?

As soon as I could, I high-tailed it out of my hometown and never looked back. Now my dream job as a sports reporter is sending me back into the nightmare. The star goalkeeper of the Freeport Flyers didn't have to chase his dream - it came to him and he's painted the town in every color of mischief since as one of The Triad, Freeport's prized triple threat.

Other women may fall for his wicked games and his impish smile, but trust this word of warning from someone who grew up with the cocky jerk - there's nothing charming about Braxton Prince. So when my boss gives me an ultimatum to report a story about the Triad that will put our publication on the map, nobody will be prepared for the secrets that are uncovered.

Tit-for-tat, second chance romance that takes a big city girl and plops her right back down in the small town she ran away from ten years ago.


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I was taught never to play with fire… but flames aren't the only way to get burned.

I made my firefighter dad a promise years ago—to follow in his footsteps and make him proud. But little girls with big dreams eventually grow up, and my hero isn't here to see me make it a reality. Still, I won't forget who I am, or where I came from.

Will one night of temptation be the perfect beginning to my new start, or will it send everything up in smoke? As a future firefighter, I should be prepared for anything. But no one warned me letting off a little steam could be just as dangerous as striking a match to watch it burn.

Because It only takes one spark… to create a firestorm.

Broken Vows

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I've failed the one woman who saved my soul... now I'll risk Hell to get her back.

I've lived in a haze since losing my wife… then I met Lorelei. She gave me her heart, only for me to break my promises to her. Now she's missing, hidden by secrets she never shared.

But I don't care—whatever the price, I'll pay it to bring her back.

Eyes of Stone

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Luca Barresi.

The crowned prince of the Mafia’s New Orleans empire.

He stalks through the streets like a shadow in the night and his path is one I never meant to cross. He’s cold, conniving… and my new captor after raining hellfire down on the jazz club I called home. A ruthless playboy, the only thing bigger than the collection of notches on his bedpost is the list of men he’s murdered in cold blood. And when I find the barrel of his gun pointed at me, I’m left with an impossible choice.

I know that in the end, I’ll be a casualty of his wicked games either way, but which list I find myself on is a decision he leaves in my hands. Die on the floor of this seedy club or agree to masquerade as the woman who has tamed him. Death would have been the easy choice. Luca Barresi is rumored to be untameable, but I’ve never been one to choose the easy way out. And with the fire that burns between us with every act of our little game, I’m about to find out just how dangerous trying will be.

Bad Union

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I'll win your freedom… but I'm going to ownyou in return.

I've seen violence and heartbreak my whole life. Some say I have no heart. That I'm cold, calculating, and ruthless. Maybe that's true, but it's helped me become the divorce attorney men fear. My clients all say the same thing… I'm a dick. But I don't have to win their friendship to ensure they're set up for life—even if it means being a prick in and out of court.

I've closed myself off from all outside attachments. I've learned feelings make things messy and steer clear of getting involved with anyone. Until she walked into my office, needing my help.

I've seen her kind before. Sweet, innocent, and completely unprepared for the asshole they married to turn on them. She wants me to be a shark, but I don't think she realizes how far I'll go to win. Because this time it's different. This time I've found something I want.

I'll break every rule there is for her freedom. Only this time, the payment is her—body and soul.


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When life on Earth almost ends, the rules of survival change.

With zombies on the prowl, viciously mutated creatures in the shadows, and monsters in the depths, the Outlands are a wicked place to play the game of life. Yet, the young nomad Nova is willing to roll the dice, stealing from the Navians for a living.

However, the modern-day pirates aren't about to let her get away with her latest bounty. When she tries to escape their clutches, she finds herself on the radar of something even worse - a Kingsman mercenary who's about to turn everything she thought she knew about the post-apocalyptic world on its head.

Can she escape the charming brute who claims to be a legendary Berserker running from his destiny, or is fate playing them both into its hand?

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