Bad Diagnosis

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 I might be known for having the best hands in surgery, but when it comes to matters of the heart... I'm a dead shot.
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For years we endured years of abuse at the hands of my father—until I snapped. The moment I pulled the trigger, freeing my brothers and I from his wrath, my heart turned to stone.

Desperate to atone the sins of my father, I became a doctor. With my brother Drake’s help, and his company Angel’s Wings, we’ve helped hundreds of women escape abusive relationships. Its my way of saving them, when I couldn’t save my mother.

Over the years I’ve seen my share of bad cases come through the ER, but one in particular will have me risking my career. And when danger rears it’s ugly head threatening to take what’s mine, being a doctor isn’t the only thing in jeopardy.

I’ve taken an oath to protect life… even if that means taking one to protect what’s mine.

Trigger Warning: This book contains situations intended for adult audiences. There are explicit sexual encounters, profanity, domestic violence, rape, and death. If this is a potential trigger for you, I strongly recommend you don’t read it.

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