Bad Rhythm

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They thought I was too young to remember, but I remember everything.

The screaming, the abuse... the murder—all of it.

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My brother Drake tried to shield me with music, which made me the man I am today. The songs, lyrics, and beat of the instruments shielded me from the turmoil inside our home, giving me hope for a brighter tomorrow.  But the music only does so much.

There’s a darkness inside me that is burning to get out, and I’m slowly losing the battle. Late nights, drinking, and women fuel the fire and give the tabloids plenty to talk about. Which is why she’s here. My new public relations manager, Bella.

She’s supposed to clean up my image and turn me into the model celebrity. Too bad old habits die hard and I make the biggest mistake ever. A mistake that sends her running for the hills. I don’t know what she’s hiding, but I’ll do whatever I can to bring her back—even if it means showing her the real me, demons and all.

Because no matter what scars I carry inside… they don’t compare to the one she left behind.

Trigger Warnings: DubCon, Domestic Violence, Murder

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