Bad Union

Bad Union

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I'll win your freedom… but I'm going to own you in return.

five stars
This story takes off quick, pulling you in and holding your attention from start to finish. It's dark, gritty, raw and hits you in unexpected ways. Drake is a man who's closed himself off from others but then Rhiannon walks into his life. It is in that instance everything changes. A whirlwind of things are set into motion. There's even a few issues and situations that are brought to the forefront exposing some truths. You'll be surprised with how it all goes down. It's an addictive read that I couldn't put down or get enough of. It has a well executed storyline and plot. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. It is a series that is off to a great start that I would recommend reading. Overall, an excellent story. ~ AmandaK, Nook Reviewer
"He did this to you?" His voice is laced with thinly veiled anger as he continues to assess the damage Heath left behind.
I close my eyes; tears streaming down my cheek and take in an emotionally painful breath. "Yes—It’s not the first time, Drake." I glance down in shame, not wanting to see the pity in his eyes.
"It’ll be the last time." He turns, lacing his fingers with mine, and guides me to the elevator. "Max," he calls over his shoulder to the man that helped me inside. "No one is allowed inside the building tonight. Lock us down, please."
The elevator doors open, and Drake guides me inside. "You don't have to do all that." I finally look at him with a timid expression. "I didn't know where else to go, but I didn't mean to disrupt your night."
He spins suddenly to face me full on. He pauses, seeming to mull over his words with a look of hesitation before he speaks. "I told you I'd help you, Rhiannon. I meant what I said. You'll be safe here until we can figure out our next steps." He closes his eyes and shakes his head as he corrects himself. "Your… your next steps."
The doors ding, signaling our arrival on another floor. I gasp when I notice we’ve stopped at a massive penthouse apartment. He steps out, holding the elevator doors open and sticks his palm face up for me to take. "Come. Let's get you situated."
I take an unsteady breath and follow him into the foyer, practically tripping over myself when I realize not only is it a penthouse, but it appears to be his penthouse. "Isn't there somewhere else you can put me? I thought you had facilities here in the building?" I glance around at his private space, nerves coiling in my gut.
"You'll stay here, Rhiannon." He growls.
I glance over at him, my mind finally catching up to the man standing in front of me. He’s barefoot and shirtless. And his body differs vastly from the man I'm married to. Married… I'm a married woman in a half-naked man's apartment in the middle of the night—yet that doesn’t stop my body’s reaction, nor my appraisal of his muscular frame.
"I shouldn’t be here." I twist my fingers together, my nerves working overtime as I scan the room, we’re standing in. "I'm married. What are people going to say?"
Drake steps forward and presses his palm to my face. His thumb brushes across my cheek as he holds my gaze with his own. "When they see your face? They will say you've been trapped in a marriage that was going to get you killed. I promise, you're safe here—even from me."
He steps back, putting some needed space between us. I can’t help but feel trepidation at the loss of his touch. Drake’s stiff frame screams warnings at me and I find myself wondering if I’ve made a mistake coming to him. "Are you dangerous?"
The honesty in his voice makes my breath catch. "Yes."
I take a step back from him, fear burning in my core. "But not like your husband."
"What do you mean, not like my husband??
"I take what I want without a second thought—but on my terms and by my rules. But there's something about you that might have me crossing the line. I swore I wouldn't, Rhiannon. The only thing keeping me from doing something dumb—is your need to feel safe right now."
My heart is hammering inside my chest at his bold statement, and all I can do is nod and whisper a response. "Oh."
"Come on. I'll get you something to change into and show you where you're sleeping."


I’ve seen violence and heartbreak my whole life. Some say I have no heart. That I’m cold, calculating, and ruthless. Maybe that’s true, but it’s helped me become the divorce attorney men fear. My clients all say the same thing… I’m a dick. But I don’t have to win their friendship to ensure they’re set up for life—even if it means being a prick in and out of court.

I’ve closed myself off from all outside attachments, feeding my need for control in a more carnal way. I’ve learned feelings make things messy and steer clear of getting involved with anyone. Until she walked into my office, needing my help.

I’ve seen her kind before. Sweet, innocent, and completely unprepared for the asshole they married to turn on them. She wants me to be a shark, but I don’t think she realizes how far I’ll go to win. Because this time it’s different. This time I’ve found something I want.

I’ll break every rule there is for her freedom. Only this time, the payment is her—body and soul.

Trigger Warning: This book contains situations intended for adult audiences. There are explicit sexual encounters, profanity, domestic violence, rape, and death. If this is a potential trigger for you, I strongly recommend you don’t read it.

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