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I've failed the one woman who saved my soul... now I'll risk Hell to get her back.  
  With intense action, high drama, steaminess, romance, surprising twists, suspense, and all kinds of relationship woes, Broken Vows is a must-read, and nothing going like the title might have you thinking ~ Kindle RevieweVine Voice
The GPS announced my arrival, causing a moment of reluctance in my chest. Two cars filled Chris' driveway, reminding me I was about to be face-to-face with Aiden—his friend who had the hots for Lorelei. If I had to bet, he would not be happy to see me.
I cut off the engine and climbed out. It was almost ten at night, so they would be home. As I approached the front porch, the light came on and the door burst open.
"You have a lot of fucking nerve coming here." A man I assumed was Aiden slammed the door behind him. "Chris called me. He said you were headed this direction. What are you thinking? She doesn't want to see you. What don't you get about that?" He puffed his chest, his voice holding an edge as he stood his ground.
"I don't care what she thinks she wants. I need to see her. If Lorelei tells me to leave when I've said what I came here for, I'll leave." Aiden took a step closer, blocking the door from me. I couldn’t help but laugh at his audacity. He was a big guy, but I was bigger. "You sure you want to get in my way? I have no problem knocking you out, Aiden. I get it… you care about her—but she's not yours."
"She's not yours, either. You made that clear when you left her."
"You don't know the entire story. I fucked up, but I'm here to right that mistake. Now get out of my way." I stepped forward, but the most beautiful sound stopped me from knocking him on his ass.
"Let him by." Lorelei stepped out. She blew out a breath as she folded her arms over her chest, drawing my eyes to hers. "It's ok, Aiden. This was a long time coming. Kerrigan." She turned and retreated back inside, leaving the two of us staring at her retreat.
I pushed past Aiden, only to have him grab my arm as I did. "Don't hurt her. She may not want me, but I care about her and have no problem kicking your ass."
I snorted as I jerked free of his grasp. My arm stung from the fierce grip his fingers had on my flesh. He cared about her… that was clear in the finger imprint left in my skin. Lorelei was sitting on the couch, staring at the wall, when I entered the house. She had been crying, clear from the blotchy skin and swollen eyes.
"Why are you here, Kerrigan?" Her voice was thick with sadness.
"I wanted to talk with you—no, needed to. Lorelei." I rounded the couch and sat down on the coffee table opposite of her. I pressed my hand to her knee and took a breath. "I fucked up. I shouldn’t have disappeared like I did—it wasn’t fair to you. I was in an awful place and thought getting away would clear up some things."
"And did it?" Lorelei held my gaze. "Clear up some things."
I tilted my head and really looked at her. Her eyes were thick with emotion, but even beneath the haze of her tears, I saw hope. "It did. But like I said. I realized my fuck up and came home, you were gone. I've been looking for you since. I tried calling, texting—but you didn't answer."
"I threw that phone away. It was a reminder that you didn't want me. Every text I sent went unanswered. Hell," she hiccupped a sob as she spoke, "Hayward had to tell me what happened."
My hand reached out and cupped her cheek. "I'm so sorry, baby. I was a stupid man for letting my past destroy my future."
The sound of the door closing made me look up. I watched through the sheer curtains as Aiden's headlights illuminated the room. He'd left, giving us the needed privacy to hash out our problems. I had to give him some credit. It couldn’t have been easy to see the woman he'd pined after being touched by another man.
"I'm not sure I can trust you not to leave again. My heart couldn’t take it, Kerrigan."
"I'm not leaving you again." I brushed my thumb across her jaw, catching a lone tear that rolled down her already tear-stained skin.
"How can you say that? What if something emerges again, reminding you of Kara?" She closed her eyes. "I can't risk losing another man I care about."
Her blue eyes found mine, peering into to the depths of my soul. They held me transfixed as I answered.
"I'm not going anywhere," I reiterated. "I walked away from you once because I thought it was what I needed to do. But all it did was create an empty void, inside here." I tugged her hand against my chest and placed it over my racing heart. "That wasn't because of my dead wife, Lorelei. It was because I ran away from the woman who'd stolen it. And I get it's too soon to tell you this, but you have my heart. You took it the first night I saw you at Gavin's grave."
Lorelei collapsed against me, her tears soaking my shirt. I tugged her the rest of the way into my lap and wrapped my arms around her. My fingers tangled in her hair as I held her close. Her sobs shook against me, rolling over me like waves pounding the golden shore. She tilted her head up, piercing me with a look that made me gasp.
No words were spoken as she leaned up and pressed her lips to mine. Slow to respond, I dug my fingers into her hair and deepened our union. She shifted against me, adjusting her body so she was straddling my legs.
"Lorelei." I broke the kiss, searching her face as I spoke. "Is this what you want?"
"Right now, I need you, Kerrigan. I don't know what tomorrow holds, but right now, in this moment, being with you is all I want. Can you do that for me? Can you help me remember that night?"
I was at war with myself. I wanted this woman with every fiber of my being. But I needed it to mean something to her. As I fought with what to do, Lorelei pressed her lips to mine. My self-restraint crumbled like a bomb decimating a building. I stood, cupping her ass in my palms as she wrapped her legs around my waist.
"Bedroom?" I mumbled against her mouth.
"Upstairs on the right."
She moaned as my mouth latched onto her neck and sucked. We had so much to work out, not to mention she was still in danger—but the passion between us was all-consuming and blinding. Our mouths fused together as I took the steps two at a time to her room. As soon as I pushed through the door, I set her on her feet and slammed the door closed.
"Lorelei, if we do this, it makes you mine. Do you understand? No more running."
"Fuck me, Kerrigan. We can talk later." She reached out and tugged my belt free.
I gripped her wrist in my hand and pulled the leather from my jeans and tossed it to the floor. My fingers teased the hem of her shirt as I tugged it over head. Her body was just as I remembered it—a flawless work of art waiting for me to explore. I backed her up to the bed and shoved her back. She propped up onto her elbows and watched as I stripped off my shirt. She pinched her bottom lip under her teeth, watching as I unbuttoned and shoved down my pants.
"You sure about this, baby?"
She nodded, shoving the soft material of her leggings down and kicking them to the floor. Her legs fell open, exposing the tender flesh moist with desire. She watched under hooded eyes as I stepped toward her.
"I don't have any protection. I wasn't planning on this, Lorelei."
"It doesn't matter, Kerrigan. Please," she whispered her plea, beckoning me closer.
I gripped her ankles with my hands and smirked. "Hold on, Lorelei. I'm going to show you why you belong to me now."


I’ve lived in a haze since losing my wife… then I met Lorelei. She gave me her heart, only for me to break my promises to her. Now she’s missing, hidden by secrets she never shared.

But I don’t care—whatever the price, I’ll pay it to bring her back.

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