Signal 33: Finding Zoey

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Fire isn’t the only heat she needs to worry about... because her hero is going to make sure he's burned into her soul.

    Hot fireman, check. Strong independent, curvy, successful business woman, check. Someone trying to sabotage said business woman which causes her to meet hot fireman, check and check. The chemistry between them is on fire! ~ Kindle Reviewer
Zoey’s lips pressed against his as he tugged her pants off, stripping her down to only her panties. She propped herself up on her elbows, watching him with anticipation of what was to come.

“You have too many clothes.” She toed at his jeans, giggling as Dawson stood and shucked his pants.

Zoey sucked in a breath when Dawson stood before her, naked. His cock was the most beautiful one she’d ever seen. It was thick, long, and dripping with desire.

“Holy shit.” Zoey wasn’t a virgin, but her sexual experiences were limited, and she’s never been with anyone as large as Dawson. “I don’t think you’re going to fit.”

“It’ll fit. But first," Smirking, he kneeled down, tugging her legs toward him so her butt rested on the edge. "I’ve been dying to taste this sweet pussy.”

He draped her legs over his shoulders and nipped at her thighs as he licked his way towards her center. Zoey let out a moan as Dawson swiped his tongue through her seam, his lips latching on to her sensitive bud swollen with need. Zoey screamed out, the sensation almost too much for her to handle. Dawson pushed in and out of her folds, fucking her core with his tongue as he lapped at her juices. He slipped in a finger, curving it to the spot that was like the launch switch to a rocket.

Zoey felt her stomach tighten. The electric tingles of her orgasm skimming across the surface of her skin, until finally it burst free tearing from her lips as she screamed out Dawson’s name.

Dawson grinned, kissing his way up her body, swirling his tongue around her nipple on his journey up her delicious curves. Finally reaching her face, he captured her mouth with his. Dawson laced his fingers with hers, pressing her hands above her head as he wedged his body between her thighs.

Slowly as if to torture them both, Dawson eased himself inside her. “Fuck…” He groaned, pausing to give her time to adjust. “You’re so fucking tight.”

“I need you to move.” Zoey flexed her core around his shaft as her legs wrapped tightly around his ass and pulled him in.

Dawson closed his eyes and counted to ten in his head, praying he didn't go off like a randy teenager. When his eyes opened, they blazed with a fierceness that made Zoey gasp. With his gaze held captive in Zoey's eyes, Dawson whispered his final warning.

"This is it… this is where I brand you as mine."



Zoey’s the curvy girl everyone overlooks. Always in the friend zone, she’s given up on love and focused on my career. When the unthinkable happens and her life goes up in smoke… literally. Zoey wasn’t expecting the man of her dreams to crash through her door and pull her from the inferno.  He might have put out the fire that night, but he left a raging inferno inside her.

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