Signal 41: Saving Carson

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She might not think she needs a hero… but piecing her back together might be my biggest save yet.

Relatable, Sexy, Short & Sweet, Fun, and HAWT!!!! I couldn't have enjoyed this read more! LC Taylor has done it again - she draws you in quickly with her compelling characters and amazing stories.  I was instantly drawn into Carson's marriage that falls apart (so relatable) and your heart just aches for her with what happens to her son.  And I found it very exciting to see how the romance brewed between her and Jason. Very delicious intimate moments to boot. ~ HollyGal Kindle Reviewer  

Jason’s shift ended with a series of minor Signal 41’s tiny fender-benders, actually. The worse part about the calls was the paperwork. It had kept him at the station well after his shift ended, but he didn’t want to have it looming over him on his off day. As he headed out towards his bike, Dawson met him in the parking lot. He’d stayed after a couple hours for another firefighter, who was running late.
Dawson thumped Jason on the back. “Hey, let’s go get a drink.”
“I’m going to go to the hospital first. I’ll meet you there.” He jerked his head in the hospital's direction.
Dawson grinned, shaking his head at him. “Fine—go check on your girl.”
“She’s not my girl…” Jason shot him a pissy look.
“Keep telling yourself that… she might not be yet, but I’ve never seen you so vested in a woman before.”
Flipping him the bird, he mounted his bike and headed towards Clinton Memorial. He’d just pulled into the parking lot when his phone rang. Pulling off his helmet, He rolled his eyes when he saw it was Dawson. Pressing the phone to his ear, “Miss me already. Jesus Dawson, I told you I’d be there a bit later,” he laughed into the phone.
Dawson's normally comedic tone was absent. “You need to get here now… your girl is here—and she’s fucked up.”
“What do you mean, my girl? Wait…" Jason frowned, pinching the bridge of his nose. ,"Are you saying Carson’s there?”
“Yep." Dawson popped the word. "Harlen says she’s been drinking for a while. She can barely hold herself up on the stool, but she won’t let him or me touch her.”
“Shit… Ok, keep an eye on her. I’m headed that way.” He slung his helmet back on and tucked his cell in his pocket.
He peeled out of the hospital parking lot and sped towards Crimsons. When he arrived, he wasn’t ready for what he found. Carson had her elbows propped against the bar top, a straw in her mouth as she rocked back and forth. Harlen smiled at him as he approached where she was perched on a stool.
“She’s been going at it since about noon. Said she needed to numb her pain.”
Jason glanced down at the half-full glass of liquid in front of her. “Why didn’t you cut her off?”
Harlen winked at Jason. "I did… that’s just pineapple juice.”
“Carson, honey.” He stepped up next to her, pressing his hand to her back.
Carson wobbled on the stool as she turned to face him. “Oh… hey it’s you.” She poked his chest. “God, your chest is so hard. I wonder if the rest of you is hard like that.” She ran her palm down his chest and cupped his crotch. Her eyes found his, and she giggled.
Dawson laughed beside him as Jason grabbed her hand and peeled her fingers from his crotch. “Sweetheart, you’re very drunk. I think I should help get you home.” He pulled her from the stool, causing her to crash into his front. Slinging a couple of twenties on the counter, he picked her up, slinging her over his shoulder. "Thanks for calling me Dawson."
"Take care of her, Jason. I can't imagine what she's going through. But do me a favor—" Dawson pushed the door open for him and stepped outside. "Don't get hurt."
Nodding at his friend, he carried toward her car. “I can’t drive.” She giggled from behind his back.
“I know. I’ll drive.” He shifted her in his arms. “Give me your keys.”
“They’re in my pooooocket.” She slurred her words. “I needed to numb the pain. My husband hates me, has for a while. My son is dead—and I refuse to turn off the meshanicle lungs. Lots of alcohol was needed to make me forget. Don’t jusdge me.” She punctuated her words by poking him in the chest.
Jason set her down and fished her keys out of her pants. He opened her car door and practically poured her languid body inside. After getting her buckled, he dug through her purse until he found her license. He glanced at the address and tossed it back inside her bag.
She was nearly asleep by the time he pulled into her driveway. “Carson, we’re here.”
“K.” Came her muffled reply. He hopped out and went around to her side of the car. Opening the door, Carson nearly fell out onto the ground, but Jason snatched her into his arms before she could hurt herself on the pavement.
She patted his chest as she nestled into his hold. "You're such a good guy, Hunter.”
Jason corrected her use of his last name. “Jason.”
Carson's unfocused eyes glanced up at him. “Huh?”
“Call me Jason. Hunter is my last name. It’s what I go by at the station, but I want you to call me Jason.”
Carson burrowed into him again. “Mmmmkay.”
Jason unlocked her door and carried her upstairs. Pushing open the door to what he assumed led to her bedroom, he stopped short. He was surprised and slightly put out to find the drawers open and clothes missing. He was relieved and angry when he realized it was Phillip’s absent from the room. He carried Carson to the bed and laid her down on the mattress. Hesitated, wondering if he should just leave her clothes on, but relented and stripped her shoes and jeans off, leaving her in just a t-shirt and panties.
“You need to sleep this off. Ok? I’ll get a ride to my bike. Call me tomorrow, Carson.”
She shifted, reaching out to grab his shirt as he stepped away from the bed. “You’re a good man, Jason Hunter. I wish you were mine—then this pain might be easier to bear.” Her soft snores filled the room, confirming she'd passed out.
Leaning down, he pressed a gentle kiss to her head. "One day Carson… you will be mine."
With that, he turned and left the room. Tugging his phone from his pocket, he called a ride. As much as he hated to leave her, he knew staying was wrong. Carson needed to be completely sure about things before he tried to work his way in. Glancing up at the house as he climbed into the back of the waiting Uber, Jason knew without a doubt this woman would be his undoing.


I’ve seen it all working on the squad truck. Sometimes death is inevitable and I’ve learned to accept I can’t always be the hero. But something about the Signal 41 call I worked, leaves me feeling like I failed. And when I watch the victim’s mother crumble to pieces in front of me, something inside me breaks.

I shouldn’t want her the way I do. But seeing what she’s going through, I can’t walk away. She might not think she’s ready for me, but I’m not going anywhere. If there is anything being a firefighter has taught me, it’s not to quit. Life might have kicked Carson down, but I’ll prove love can heal her wounds.

She might not think she needs a hero… but piecing her back together might be my biggest save yet.


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