Glass Heart

The Glass Heart

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 Fate has a twisted sense of humor when it comes to matters of the heart, only I'm not laughing.

five stars

This book is a rollercoaster of emotions. Who would you choose, your first love or the love you found when you thought you couldn't go on? You'll be captivated and enraptured by this story. ~ M. Blandon, Kindle Reviewer

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I couldn’t help but peer into the room. My breath hitched when I found him facing the window, wrapped in only a towel. The lines of his muscles on his back looked as though Michelangelo himself had chiseled them. His legs peeked out from the white material—and man, what a nice pair of legs. They were thick and sturdy… the kind of legs strong enough to hold someone up as he plowed into them against a wall. The towel hung low on his hips, giving me a peek at the top of his perfectly tight ass. God, he was beautiful. Just the sight of him had me clenching my legs together. He slowly turned, his gaze landing on mine.

“Shit.” I stumbled back and bolted to my room, embarrassed he caught me. Hurrying into the bathroom, I slammed my door shut.

“Jess, you ok in there?” His voice filtered through the door.

Refusing to face him, I spoke through the wooden barrier. “Um, yeah. I was looking for a towel because I was going to shower--I mean I am showering.”

“You didn’t have to run Jesse. I would have been happy to give you my towel for your shower.” His laughter resonated through the bathroom door.

“No—Oh my god. Just go away… I am embarrassed enough, don’t make it worse,” I groaned through the door.

“There's nothing wrong with wanting to reuse towels.”

“Yeah, yeah…” I rested my head against the door separating us and sighed. I didn’t want to continue to think about him naked, so I shifted the conversation. “Hey, John invited us for dinner tonight. Will you be back by six?”

“I’ll be back by five. I’d love to go. Oh and Jess?" He called out to me.


"Make sure you get all clean—that way there won't be any confusion when you get dirty tonight.”

I heard the door close, leaving completely lost for words. Fuck. I was in trouble.


A folded flag is all I have left to remind me of the love I once had. With my heart shattered in two, I struggle to move forward with my life. But with the love and support of my family, I slowly start to rebuild a life worth living. I wasn’t expecting to fall in love, but I did. And now a shocking secret threatens the life I finally have.

I’ll be forced to choose, leaving behind the glass fragments of a shattered love.

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