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Bad Blows Paperback (Book 4)

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Bad Blows Paperback (Book 4)

Bad Blows Paperback (Book 4)

I thought the ring prepared me for anything—until she landed a devastating blow... one I never saw coming.
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Manufacturer: Dori Pulitano
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They call me Saint even though I deliver nothing but sin and pain. My world is nothing but darkness, bloody fights, and screams of the crowd. There’s no time for a silly thing called love in my world of chaos.

The women I go for are the ones who don't ask for love, they just want one night and a ride on the wild side. Until Little Miss Uptight, with her perfect blonde hair and pencil skirt, struts in with news that leaves me reeling.

Ms. Prim and Proper might have gotten in the first jab, but I’ll have her on the ropes—and her knees soon enough.

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