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Bound Paperback (Book 2)

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Bound Paperback (Book 2)

Bound Paperback (Book 2)

In the shadow of my own death, I found a second chance at life.

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I was dead.

Until I wasn’t.

Declared lost in the line of duty, I returned home to a world turned upside down. The woman I'd once loved had given her heart to another – my own brother. Betrayed and shattered, I locked my heart away. A man broken like me didn't deserve love, not with the relentless nightmares that tormented my every waking hour.

And then, she entered my world.

She ignited a spark within me, a flame I thought was forever extinguished. With her, the darkness no longer seemed impenetrable.

Can this passionate woman show me that life is worth living, or will I remain imprisoned by the haunting darkness? In the depths of our shared secrets, we'll discover if love has the power to heal even the deepest wounds.

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