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Dangerous Attraction Paperback (Book 1)

Dangerous Attraction Paperback (Book 1)

Dangerous Attraction Paperback (Book 1)

I was molded to take over the family… but before I can take the throne, I need a queen.
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Manufacturer: Dori Pulitano
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I’m next in line to become the Don of one of the longest-running crime families in Las Vegas. My job was simple. Run Discoteca, the best hot spot in Vegas, and keep my brothers in line while my dad returned to Italy on a family matter.

Then she walked through the door, and that bolt of lightning shocked the hell out of me. Madison was everything I never knew I needed, but someone's trying to use her against me. Now, my only focus is keeping her safe and teaching those trying to hurt my family a lesson.

I only hope that when she finds out who I am, she won’t walk away forever.

**Signed Paperback Copy**

Trigger Warning: This book contains swearing, steamy sexual encounters, and death. Read with caution.