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Signal 63: Reviving Carson Paperback (Book 2)

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Signal 63: Reviving Carson Paperback (Book 2)

Signal 63: Reviving Carson Paperback (Book 2)

London might think proving herself as a cop is hard... but Davey's about to be the challenge she never saw coming.
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Being a paramedic is a serious business. My whole life has been dedicated to helping others, leaving little time for myself. Some say it is how I keep the demons of my past locked away. But when I work a signal 63—an Officer Down call, something inside me breaks.

Reviving her revived something inside of me... something I thought I had given up on years ago.

But this fierce woman won't let anyone help her—insisting she's strong enough to go at it alone. I'm going to show her it's okay to let someone in, but only if that someone is me.

**Signed Paperback Copy**

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