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Signal 69: Holding Jenna Paperback (Book 4)

Signal 69: Holding Jenna Paperback (Book 4)

Signal 69: Holding Jenna Paperback (Book 4)

Love can be the thing that breaks us... but it can also be the thing that makes us stronger.
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Manufacturer: LC Taylor
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After my marriage turned into my worst nightmare and ended, I moved to a small town for a chance at a new life. One that doesn't include a relationship—or that's what I tell myself. Then, I met Sergeant Finn Judson. He's arrogant, cocky, and, unfortunately, hot as sin.


We shared one kiss months ago, and I've done everything I can to avoid him or the complications a man like him brings.


But when my past catches up with my present, the man I'm trying to avoid is the one person who can protect me. Finn might save me from my past, but my safety isn't the only thing at risk.


This time, my heart is on the line... and for the first time in a long time—I don't want to run.


**Signed Paperback Copy**