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Bad Business (Book 5)

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Bad Business (Book 5)

Bad Business (Book 5)

She's just the distraction he needs... even if he doesn't want one.
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Manufacturer: Dori Pulitano
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Family secrets never stay secret. At least, that's what Dallas recently learned when the truth about his father came out.

As he grapples with his new reality of being a billionaire, Dallas quickly learns that the 'Winston' name isn't all glitter and gold. Not to mention the new manager Will, his uncle hired for their club, isn't what Dallas expected.

Will is exactly the kind of problem he doesn't need or want.

Willow's, aka Will's, snarky attitude and constant defiance makes him want to choke her… or worse, turn her over his knee. She thinks he's a billionaire playboy, and Dallas is fine with that perception because it helps him pretend he isn't interested in her long legs or her perfect body of curves.

Though, Dallas realizes it's not hate he feels for the woman. But refusing to admit his feelings and the fact he can't handle the maelstrom of trouble his family's facing, Dallas continues to spiral out of control. When trouble becomes bigger than he can manage, he finally accepts help from his newfound brothers.

But it may be too late, and he might lose the one person who can save him from himself… her.

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