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Bad Union (Book 1)

1 Reviews
Bad Union (Book 1)

Bad Union (Book 1)

I'll win your freedom… but I'm going to own you in return.
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I've seen violence and heartbreak my whole life. Some say I have no heart. That I'm cold, calculating, and ruthless. Maybe that's true, but it's helped me become the divorce attorney men fear. My clients all say the same thing… I'm a dick. But I don't have to win their friendship to ensure they're set up for life—even if it means being a prick in and out of court.

I've closed myself off from all outside attachments, feeding my need for control in a more carnal way. I've learned feelings make things messy and steer clear of getting involved with anyone.

Until she walked into my office, needing my help.

I've seen her kind before. Sweet, innocent, and completely unprepared for the asshole they married to turn on them. She wants me to be a shark, but I don't think she realizes how far I'll go to win. Because this time it's different. This time I've found something I want.

I'll break every rule there is for her freedom. Only this time, the payment is her—body and soul.

Trigger Warning: This book contains situations intended for adult audiences. There are explicit sexual encounters, profanity, domestic violence, rape, and death. If this is a potential trigger for you, I strongly recommend you don't read it.

1 Reviews for Bad Union (Book 1)

  • Little Dove - Tuesday, September 5, 2023 Anonymous
    "Darkness and pain! The Winston brothers don’t seem to be able to catch a break but they do learn that they have to eat their own words. Promising to Never get involved with a woman has bitten the brothers in the proverbial A—. Drama, danger, and pain just keeps coming but they learned how to survive years ago. Can they get through this now?" JJ Avid Reader, Amazon
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