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Blood Ties (Book One)

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Blood Ties (Book One)

Blood Ties (Book One)

Fighting the enemy and protecting the family legacy has always come easy for him… Until her—Now there’s no stopping him from claiming what's his.
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I lead a simple life. It was my job to carry on the family legacy my father had built. As a Silva, we controlled all the lithium and gold mined in the country. Nothing was exported without our knowledge. It’s what made us the most powerful family in Chile. It’s no secret that others want what we have, so when someone steals a shipment from us, they’ve started a war. A war I’m determined to win.

When a mysterious woman shows up, offering information that will help us take back what is ours, I find myself in more trouble than where I started. She’s directly linked to the enemy and she’s the last person in this world I should want, but I’m finding it impossible to let her go.

Maybe I can recoup what’s been taken from my family and still keep her as mine, forever.

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