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Dark Desires Paperback (Book 2)

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Dark Desires Paperback (Book 2)

Dark Desires Paperback (Book 2)

I'll unleash the demons I've kept buried to save her... even if it means losing myself to do so.

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Manufacturer: Dori Pulitano
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I was the person they called to take care of problems, a legend among hitmen. I've spent the last few years trying to suppress the killer inside, desperate to find a different side of myself. But Dimitri Ivanov ripped open Pandora's Box and I'm not sure it'll ever close again. I was ready to unleash my inner demons once more, letting the old me take over... until her.

Dimitri might have freed the murderous man I am, but I'll do everything I can to battle my own darkness and be the man she thinks I can be.

My only hope is that her love can withstand the truth of what I've done.

**Signed Paperback Copy**

Trigger Warning: This book contains swearing, steamy sexual encounters, and death. Read with caution.

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