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Shattered Devotion (Book Three)

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Shattered Devotion (Book Three)

Shattered Devotion (Book Three)

They say there is a thin line between love and hate. But it’s about to become blurred… if it means keeping her safe..
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The moment I stepped foot into the 100-acre vineyard, I knew I had a mess to clean up. Jorge Peru had used the property to house Dmitri Ivanov’s illegal dealings—guns and women.

Hiring an accountant was supposed to ease some of my stress, but it has me on edge. All because of her. She is sassy, stubborn, and worse—beautiful. I knew I should have hired a local. Instead, I’m stuck with an American beauty I want to choke and spank all in the same breath.

When she finds receipts for a building on the backside of the property—we set out to find it. Neither of us was expecting a simple excursion to turn deadly. But it did. And now I’m trapped… with her. With an enemy breathing down our necks, we’ll have to work together to save everyone.

But one thing is certain... I’ll burn down the entire vineyard to protect what’s mine.

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