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Signal 99: Freeing Felicity (Book 3)

Signal 99: Freeing Felicity (Book 3)

Signal 99: Freeing Felicity (Book 3)

My heart should have been his... but I gave it to a monster instead.
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I've been with the department for eleven years -  on the SWAT team for six. I've seen my share of bullshit. But this call-out is different. This time, it's someone I know. I thought she was the one, but Felicity broke my heart in high school when she left and never looked back. Since then, I've sworn off relationships, saving myself from any more heartache.


Seeing her brings up old feelings I thought I'd buried all those years ago. But I'm starting to think I was wrong because seeing her has me wondering if there is a second chance... for us.


Will a chance encounter be the thing that frees us both from the hurt that's held us prisoner all these years, or is it too late for us to find redemption and a chance at real love?