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Words From the Heart

Words From the Heart

Words From the Heart

Sometimes life falls apart… just to be put back together the way it was meant.
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Manufacturer: LC Taylor
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Lost and adrift, Delilah Greyson no longer recognizes herself. Leaving behind her childhood home in Alabama for a supposedly better life, she only encountered disappointment. The news of her grandmother's passing shatters a part of her, leaving her feeling hollow.

Returning to her roots, Delilah begins to uncover hidden secrets her grandmother kept guarded. Amidst it all, the man her grandmother hired to help around the house becomes an unwelcome and enticing distraction. Despite the undeniable attraction, her guilt and shame from past relationships prevent her from succumbing to the temptation of love.

Little does Delilah know Parker is a patient man who refuses to give up. He is determined to show her she is destined to be with him. While Delilah may fear what's growing between them, Parker won't give up.

After all, he made a heartfelt promise to her beloved grandmother, and <I>he</i>intends to keep it.