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Taking Risks Series

You’ve been a good girl.
You’ve followed the rules your whole life, and where did it get you?
So take a chance and seize the day.
Then escape into the arms of the sexy man you never dreamed could be yours.

Get your instalove fix in Taking Risks—a series of five sexy, short steamy stories of passion and good old-fashion naughtiness

Just one Kiss

Just one Shot

just one chance

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Sarcasm hides her deepest secret—that she’s a VIRGIN.


Playing the part of the ‘been there, humped’ that cool girl has always been Harley’s way. Even though the closest she’s ever been to a penis involved Wi-Fi and an all-nighter study jam. She thought her secret was safe—until Asher. She didn’t think her smartass comment would land her the hottest guy on campus. But lucky for her, Asher’s got a thing for sassy mouth girls and cheesy pickup lines. She’ll be put to the test, exposing the truth of who she really is.


Can she fumble through fruit and condoms to prepare herself for what’s to come?

Or will she be left holding the banana and her broken dreams?


One thing is for sure… Harley won’t anything get in the way of popping her bubble.

My best friend is getting married to the man of her dreams.

Too bad her dream comes with my nightmare—his best man.
We shared one scotching hot kiss months ago, but now I’ll do anything to forget him.

A night in Vegas and a few too many drinks, has me making some crazy decisions… one no one saw coming.

Whatever happened to the saying, ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’.

Because this trip leaves me with a hangover that isn’t going away.

When they say the fastest way to get over a guy is to get under another one… they probably don’t mean your sister-in-law’s BIG brother.


My love life is so cliché it makes me sick.


Girl falls for boy. Boy breaks girl’s heart. Girl has hot rebound sex.


I was only supposed to stop in Vegas to attend my brother’s wedding before heading to Venice to find a ‘no-strings’ fling. My only goal was to forget Austin—my ex-fiancé. It was supposed to be a stranger in Italy—Not my new sister-in-law’s big brother, Damon.


Now I’m 6,000 miles away from home ready to find the new me, but there’s a problem… Both Austin, the ex, and Damon, the hook-up, are here in Venice—and both are determined to win me over.


This time when I give my heart away… it will be forever and not a simple Venetian Fling.

just one win

just one date