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The Signal Series

Each and every radio call signals a different danger and brings a sexy protector your way.
These men of know pain and sacrifice and will put it all on the line for the woman who will be theirs.
Sometimes what we need is right in front of us… even if the timing isn’t perfect.
They may be down and out, but these women will find strength in the least likely place.
Fall in love with the heroes of the Signal series today.

Signal 33: Finding Zoey
Book 1

Fire isn’t the only heat she needs to worry about… because her hero is going to make sure he’s burned into her soul.


Zoey’s the curvy girl everyone overlooks. 


Always in the friend zone, she’s given up on love and focused on my career. When the unthinkable happens and her life goes up in smoke… literally. 


Zoey wasn’t expecting the man of her dreams to crash through her door and pull her from the inferno. 


He might have put out the fire that night, but he left a raging inferno inside her.

Signal 69: Holding Jenna
Book 4

Love can be the thing that breaks us… but it can also be the thing that makes us stronger.


After my marriage turned into my worst nightmare and ended, I moved to a small town for a chance at a new life. One that doesn’t include a relationship—or that’s what I tell myself. Then I met Sergeant Finn Judson. He’s arrogant, cocky, and unfortunately hot as sin. We shared one kiss months ago and I’ve done everything I can to avoid him or the complications a man like him brings.


But when my past catches up with my present, the man I’m trying to avoid is the one person who can protect me. Finn might save me from my past, but my safety isn’t the only thing at risk. This time my heart is on the line… and for the first time in a long time—I don’t want to run.

Signal 63: Reviving London
Book 2

London might think proving herself as a cop is hard… but Davey’s about to be the challenge she never saw coming.


Being a paramedic is serious business. My whole life has been dedicated to helping others, leaving little time for myself. Some say it is how I keep the demons of my past locked away. But when I work a signal 63—an Officer Down call, something inside me breaks.


Reviving her revived something inside of me… something I thought I gave up on years ago. But this fierce woman won’t let anyone help her—insisting she’s strong enough to go at it alone. I’m going to show her it’s ok to let someone in, but only if that someone is me.

Signal 41: Saving Carson
Book 5

She might not think she needs a hero… but piecing her back together might be my biggest save yet.

I’ve seen it all working on the squad truck. Sometimes death is inevitable and I’ve learned to accept I can’t always be the hero. But something about the Signal 41 call I worked, leaves me feeling like I failed. And when I watch the victim’s mother crumble to pieces in front of me, something inside me breaks.

I shouldn’t want her the way I do. But seeing what she’s going through, I can’t walk away. She might not think she’s ready for me, but I’m not going anywhere. If there is anything being a firefighter has taught me, it’s not to quit. Life might have kicked Carson down, but I’ll prove love can heal her wounds.

Signal 99: Freeing Felicity
Book 3

My heart should have been his… but I gave it to a monster instead.

I’ve been with the department eleven years – on the SWAT team for six. I’ve seen my share of bullshit. But this call-out is different. This time, its someone I know. I thought she was the one, but Felicity broke my heart in high school when she left and never looked back. Since then, I’ve sworn off relationships, saving myself from any more heartache.


Seeing her brings up old feelings I thought I’d buried all those years ago. But I’m starting to think I was wrong, because seeing her has me wondering if there is a second chance… at us.


Or is it too late for us to find redemption and a chance at real love?